An important update is coming for the iPhone 13

Apple has announced an update that will allow the iPhone 13’s FaceID to be used even if its phone is replaced at an unofficial service center.

Apple is notoriously reluctant to repair its products by a third-party service center. To ensure that device owners are unwilling to use the service in such a location, the company faces various obstacles to “unauthorized” product” repairs. It’s no It’serent with the iPhone 13.

As early as the end of September, the company pointed out that if someone doesn’t have the iPhone 13’s dis13’sa repaired at an official service center, it could say goodbye to using FaceID. Even if they are replaced with one from another iPhone, the sensor will not work if the same panel is not on the front of the phone.


All this is because the company has built a microcontroller in the display, so the face recognition sensor cannot work in its absence. The lack of a chip can be avoided in software, but Apple’s Apple’szed partners have only received the program that can be used for this. All of this has outraged many users – and repair contractors – so much that Apple is now forced to blow a retreat.

The company is The Verge unto told to provide a software update for the phones, which bypass the use of the microcontroller so that the future will be a smooth operation of the facet display after a possible replacement. The Cupertino company did not say when this could happen.

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