Android 12.1 is said to be in the works, which will be a special release

For the time being, we are still waiting for the finished, final release of Android 12, which may arrive in early October, but according to the latest information, a version 12.1 is already being made, namely for phones with a unique bendable display.

The developers of XDA have become aware of a new version of Android with minor changes, which will have a good chance of bearing the number 12.1. There is no question that the unfinished Android 12 will be made obsolete, as the release that has just appeared may serve a particular purpose.

Android 12.1 is the most likely to bring innovations that can come in handy on foldable phones, and you have to think about things specifically related to screen bending and the changing size of apps. For example, they optimize animations that appear when closing and opening, multi-screen application execution, bottom menu bar behavior, and the like.

Anyone who follows tech news may also notice that the threads come together, as we have heard several times before that Google is making a Pixel phone with a foldable display. Android 12.1 will undoubtedly debut on this, already if it becomes the system’s name.

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