Apple plans glasses to allow only the users to see what’s on their phone

According to Apple’s newly discovered patent plan, the company’s miracle glasses would also receive a unique safety feature.

If someone uses their smartphone in a public place, there is always a risk that others may see your private messages, personal information, or just photos flipped through your mobile phone. While there is room to prevent this, Apple appears to have come up with a much more effective solution to the problem.

© Patently Apple

Patently Apple discovered the patent, which the Cupertino company has produced and which can provide a beneficial way to use Apple’s smart glasses in the future. Indeed, there are indications that they plan to give the glasses a feature that will allow only the person wearing the glasses to see what is displayed on the iPhone’s display – and pair it with the device it is wearing.

By the way, a similar patent had already appeared earlier: in the summer of 2020, there were also signs that Appel glasses could be given such use.

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