Apple’s most expensive watch running out of stock

Nor did Apple itself anticipate how much demand there would be for its titanium alloy-enclosed smartwatch. It was completely out of stock.

The Apple Watch Series 6, made of titanium alloy, which is (was) the most expensive Apple smartphone, by the way, will be permanently removed from the offer. The reason surprised even Apple itself: even though the pencil caught quite thick in pricing (starting at $ 800 in the U.S.), so many wanted such a smartwatch that Apple ran out of inventory.

© Apple

So anyone who wants to buy a titanium alloy 6 Series Apple Watch can only get it by accident, as Apple won’t restart production, given that the Apple Watch Series 7 is coming soon. variant.

The novelty is expected to be announced by Apple in September, along with the iPhone 13 series. However, it is not yet known exactly when its sales will start.

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