Apple unveils mixed reality headset prototype: Top 100 executives get a sneak peek

Apple recently hosted an event for its top 100 executives to present a nearly completed mixed reality headset. The event was held at the Steve Jobs Theater, which is the same venue for Apple’s annual product presentations, and it is considered a key milestone before the headset’s public debut scheduled for June. However, despite the excitement, many people are still skeptical about this new venture.

Mixed Reality (MR) is a new category that combines augmented and virtual reality, and it is much riskier than Apple’s previous attempts at innovation. With this new headset, Apple must explain to consumers why they want to own such a product at all.

Moreover, the device starts at around $3,000, lacks a clear killer app, requires an external battery that needs to be replaced every few hours, and uses a design that some testers found uncomfortable. In addition to these, it will probably launch with limited media content.

However, the managers at Apple are not oblivious to these challenges, and they know that the MR headset will not immediately become a hit product. The company believes that the headset may follow a similar trajectory as the Apple Watch, which initially got off to a slow start, but over time became a strategic central element and the most popular smartwatch in the world.

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Apple executives expect an increase in consumer interest when the next headset models arrive, and the company can prepare a version that costs half as much, as well as a successor to the first model with much better performance.

Apple believes it can sell about a million units of the glasses, likely to be called Reality Pro or Reality One, in the first year, generating about $3 billion in revenue. However, success similar to the smartwatch with the headset is yet to be seen.

In conclusion, the mixed reality headset is a significant investment for Apple, and it remains to be seen whether it will become a hit product. Apple executives believe that the headset may follow a similar trajectory as the Apple Watch and become a strategic central element for the company in the future. Only time will tell if the mixed reality headset will be the next big thing for Apple.

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