Apple will no longer be making mini iPhones

Just like last year, a “mini” version of the current iPhones was released this year. However, it could easily be the last such year.

In mid-September, Apple introduced the iPhone 13 family, which, like last year, included a smaller 5.4 ”model, renamed the iPhone 13 mini this year.

Some were surprised that Apple launched this model, as the iPhone 12 mini did not meet expectations. An earlier report by Nikkei Asian Review said Apple reduced orders for the iPhone 12 mini in the first half of 2021 due to weak demand. Counterpoint Research also reported similar findings earlier this year, saying the iPhone 12 Mini accounted for just five percent of U.S. sales of the iPhone 12 series in the first half of January.

Another big obstacle to the success of the iPhone 12 Mini was, Cnet points out, that users prefer larger-screen phones. Flurry and Consumer Intelligence Research Partners report that the 6.7 ”iPhone 12 Pro Max was the most popular Apple’s 2020 offering model.

But then why did Apple introduce another mini iPhone this year? Mainly because the turnaround time for smartphone development is more than a year, Apple probably didn’t have enough time to consider iPhone 12 Mini sales data in the iPhone 13 generation development cycle. On the other hand, you don’t even change your product range so quickly. Just think of the much-discussed butterfly keyboard on MacBooks.

However, it looks pretty likely that in 2014 there will no longer be such a small current iPhone. All of this has been confirmed on Twitter by Jon Prosser, one of Apple’s trusted sources.

But then what will happen instead? – the question arises, knowing that the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini will remain with users for quite a few more years. After them, Apple will likely focus on the iPhone SE, which retains the form factor. Still, in the annual updates, it will already release this, i.e., it will not be a top-specification but pocket-friendly iPhone. At most, the foldable iPhones likely by 2023 will fit comfortably in our pockets

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