Are you looking for a stylish smartwatch for women?

Here is the new Smartic Ria

The new Smart Ria model is worth considering if you’re seeking a brilliant, light and thin, yet high-quality women’s smartwatch that can be used even if you don’t speak a foreign language.

The Smart Ria is a small smartwatch for women featuring an ultra-slim metal shell and a circular 1.1-inch touchscreen. The IPS panel displays vibrant colors and responds to touch, allowing the clock to be controlled by a single side button.

You may customize up to seven different types of watches at the factory, but you can also download additional ones via the mobile app, and you can even use your photo as the watch’s background.

The menu is simple and almost entirely made up of icons, so you don’t need to know English to use it. Additional functions include a pedometer, sleep monitor, heart rate monitor, weather, multiple sports modes, a timer, and more, which can be accessed by swiping down the quick menu from the top.

The menu is straightforward:

You can also use the Smart Ria to manage your mobile camera and music player by pairing it with your Android or iOS smartphone. Furthermore, the clock comes with a basic game pre-installed.

IP67 water resistance, Bluetooth 5.0 support, a 5-day battery life, and a simple magnetic charging option are noteworthy.

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