The Apple Watch could have a new feature next year that detects road accidents.

According to reports, Apple could use the Apple Watch’s fall detection technology differently. In 2018, Apple announced the fourth-generation Apple Watch with a built-in fall sensor.


The watch monitors the wearer’s acceleration and instantly contacts 911 if it senses that the person has fallen. The Wall Street Journal has learned that the corporation is about to launch a comparable service.

According to papers obtained by the WSJ, Apple is working on detecting if an Apple Watch wearer is involved in a car accident. Collision detection is the most challenging component of the process. More specifically, Apple is said to have anonymously collected data regarding incidents spotted by users’ watches during the past year.

As a result, 10 million possible accidents were discovered, with 50,000 successfully linked to emergency calls. If assistance was required, the sudden acceleration detected by the watch was almost certainly an accident.

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Apple’s method is particularly advantageous since, in a car accident, the watch recognizes that something is wrong and initiates an emergency call.

A few years back, Google included a similar feature on its Pixel phones. In practice, he utilized an app called Personal Safety, which used data collected by motion sensors and microphones to determine a person’s whereabouts. It attempts to determine whether an accident resulted from these factors.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple intends to include the accident detection technology in the Apple Watch, which is expected to be released in 2022, so it will be available simultaneously.

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