Best Android memes of 2022

These memes will make your day

Memes have essentially become a part of our lives. Memes have entirely changed the landscape of social networks. Its primary function is to inject a little humour and sarcasm into interactions. They communicate concepts that are challenging to put into words alone. They continue to develop and can be viewed in phrases, photographs, movies, or GIFs. Are you one of those who enjoys poring over memes for hours?

Well, look no further as we have gathered some of the best android memes of 2022. This is our selection of the top Android memes, most recently those that we feel best capture the year 2022 in the Android community.

Best Android Memes of 2022

The year goes by really fast, as it has been 2 years since the COVID-19 struck all of us. We were left stranded inside our homes watching netflix and working from home. Lets check out the some of the memes that have emerged from this year.

This meme focuses on the well known downfalls of the McDonalds ice cream machine which gets broken almost everytime. So the famous rapper icecube didnt understand how the person was able to tweet that with his “KFC Ice Cream Machine”.

Ah yes, this meme about iPhone user having the best performance and secure apps cant beat the fact that with Android’s open source operating system, it has given developers more authority to make apps like Youtube Vanced which is equivalent to Youtube Premium

We have all noticed that when apple releases a new flagship phone, they add a rear camera to their collection. Here we have a meme that shows just how hilarious it can be sometimes.

Best of the Rest of Android Memes in 2022






Android memes have been a source of amusement for years. This is particularly true when searching for iPhone vs Android memes. They are all over, and most of them are highly fantastic. Just be careful not to fall too deep into the rabbit hole of Android memes. Finding your way back is not a simple task. Believe me.

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