Beyond Good and Evil 2: According to Ubisoft, this game is still in development

This week, Ubisoft held its first-quarter fiscal conference, where it answered questions from investors, among other things. It turns out that Ubisoft is considering moving to Steam Deck, but only if the platform gets big enough. But even more exciting is that Beyond Good & Evil 2 came into play.

At Frederick Duguet, the chief financial officer of Ubisoft, investors asked if the game could be released in 2024, and Duguet replied that it would be too early to say that. Still, theyere otherwise making good progress with the game. Of course, this answer does not mean that the game may not appear in that financial year, but it does not appear to receive a release date in the foreseeable future.

Although Michel Ancel originally led the sequel, the legendary developer announced his retirement last year. Ubisoft said in a statement at the time that the relationship between Ancel and Beyond Good & Evil had been severed even before the developer left the French company aboard.

The sequel to Beyond Good & Evil is ready for labour. The game was first announced in 2008, but a version of it at the time was trashed. Nine years later, during the 2017 E3, a new preview was unveiled. However, there wasn’t much talk about it after that, and they were still showing off its gameplay for a while. We returned to the first part of Beyond Good & Evil in an earlier section.

Ubisoft recently announced that two incoming games wilwouldso be slipping, Riders Republic and Rainbow Six Extraction. The latter can only be expected in January 2022.

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