Chinese students have sued Apple for failing to include a charger with the iPhone 12.

Last year, Apple removed the wired EarPods from the iPhone’s package and did not provide a charger. According to Vice, five Chinese students have launched a lawsuit against Apple for selling newer iPhones without a charger.

Last year, Apple removed the charger and wired headset, known as EarPods, from the phone box. The decision was based on the fact that many iPhone owners own two or three of these accessories, which is equally bad for the environment.

On the other hand, Chinese students believe that Apple’s choice has nothing to do with environmental protection. They claim that the firm is trying to save money, which may be accurate given that the manufacture of 5G iPhones is more excellent.

The students also allege in their proposal – which was prepared as part of a legal competition – that Apple is diverting customers to newer MagSafe products by leaving the chargers behind. The business claims that it pushes customers to pay even more than the phone’s already high price.

According to Vice, the plaintiffs are seeking only $16, or 5,000 yuan, for the costs of the litigation as well as a wall charger for one of their gadgets. This is a 12 Pro Max iPhone.

According to the outlet, a Brazilian regulator penalized Apple $2 million in a similar case.

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