Delete Facebook immediately – message to iPhone users

With an exciting feature, Apple has thoroughly made it harder for Facebook to collect data on the company’s phones, at least so far it has seemed. Now you can hear that the “blues” can still use the insidious tricks that the user banned them in principle.

One of the exciting innovations of iOS 14 was the transparency of application tracking, which, as Apple put it at the time, could put several companies at a disadvantage. It’s not hard to figure out who you’re messing with: Facebook, among other things, has been revealed countless times how much information is “pumped out” of devices – and thus users.

However, cybersecurity researchers speaking to Forbes in the US have now drawn attention to how Facebook can track the mobile and its owner despite activating the above feature. For this, the accelerometer of the iPhones is used, from which it is easy to deduce where the user of the device is going. The experts stressed:

the trick works even if the device owner disables traceability.

Cyber ​​researchers Talal Haj Bakry and Tommy Mysk say it is worrying that a company is doing an activity behind a user’s back that has been banned. Facebook’s response, by the way, didn’t deny the thing and stressed that it (for example) has to do with taking panoramic photos. However, experts believe that such a function does not need constant monitoring, i.e., it should only be activated in certain situations. However, Facebook does not. Experts summed up: who cares about their privacy and uses an iPhone,

delete the Facebook app from your device.

The two researchers also pointed out that two other services belonging to the company, WhatsApp and Instagram, also perform similar activities. Still, at least the former can be turned off completely.

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