Ever since the first update of Windows 11, some PCs have only become slower

An error in the system can slow down machines that work primarily with an AMD processor

Microsoft has promised a fix, but it remains to be seen. With the release of Windows 11, AMD and Microsoft warned that a bug could cause computers with Ryzen processors to slow down if they upgraded to the new operating system.

The problem is noticeable: in some cases, the power loss can be as much as 10 to 15 percent for some games. Until the situation is resolved, AMD has suggested that anyone who knows should stay with the previous version of the software, i.e., version 10, because there are no such problems.

And Microsoft has promised to make the fix as soon as possible. The TechPowerUp just drew your attention to this package has not yet appeared, but quite another. However, we do not want to install it since it only worsened the situation. The staff of the specialist portal also took measurements for this and concluded that.

It made task handling by the processor even slower.

The bug that needs to be fixed affects the cache, but there is another one: it can occur when handling processor cores, but the two manufacturers have not addressed this. However, there is not much to wait for either: the L3 cache delay is promised to be fixed by October 19, and the problem of handling the processor cores will be addressed through a driver that arrives on October 21.

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