Twitter to ban the posting of others on without their permission

If we see a photo we’re on but haven’t been asked about it, we can take it off. Public actors are an exception.

Twitter has announced a new measure to help keep users safe: it is no longer possible to post pictures that have (and are) featured by others, and the Independent writes. If this happens, those affected can take the photo off the page. The new regulation does not affect public actors.

So far, Twitter has only removed photos suspected of misuse, such as showing personal information and IDs, embarrassing situations, or nudity. Public actors can also terminate such content.

They added that it is possible that personal or unauthorized photos will still be published, as they will be considered in some cases. If the post serves the interests of that person or community, or the visual content may already be available online, it will not necessarily be deleted.

The company said in a statement, “The sense of security on Twitter means something different to everyone, and we’re working to understand and ensure that.”

It is the company’s first significant move since its CEO, CEO Jack Dorsey, was replaced by Parag Agrawal.

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