FBI says mysterious back missile man doesn’t exist, pilots just saw balloons

A flying figure was seen several times over Los Angeles, which led to an extensive investigation. It seems that a runaway Halloween decoration will be responsible for the violation.

A structure called a jetpack a jetpack is a compelling but dangerous device. This is because the wearer can quickly reach higher heights of up to tens of meters. And those who are experimental (and regular, officially licensed) travel even greater distances.


The subject kept people feverish last year as well, especially after such a reckless pilot appeared over Los Angeles. On the other hand, he was never identified or videotaped, and, as it turned out, not by chance: the mysterious figure, according to investigators, does not exist. More specifically, the eyewitnesses did not see a flesh-and-blood person,

but a runaway Halloween decoration, a human-shaped balloon.

The “flights” that can be traced back to last year were always only spotted for a few moments by pilots of planes passing through the airspace, who also immediately reported to the control tower. And the personnel there are to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The investigation into the case was undertaken by the FBI (i.e., the Federal Bureau of Investigation), which has now announced that the jetpack could be a balloon patterned from the protagonist of the Tim Burton film.

The mysterious figure was wanted to be held accountable primarily because he performed the flights each time in a place and altitude where he should not have been. The latter had already raised suspicions in some eyewitnesses at the first sightings, but it seems unnecessary: ​​what they saw over Los Angeles was just a piece.

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