Google Fold may have been cancelled before its release

According to recent reports, Google has yet to put down a flexible smartphone. The information comes from Ross Young, a DSCC employee, who says the device, which should have been released sometime in the first half of 2022, will not be on the market as Google allegedly canceled orders for parts.

The decision is based on the fact that the search giant did not think its foldable mobile phone was competitive enough with offers launched by Samsung or those planned by other competing manufacturers behind the scenes.

You’ve been hearing about the Google Pixel Fold for some time. The mobile is said to have had a 120 Hz LTPO screen, as would Samsung’s best foldable smartphones. It is speculated that the same in-house developed Tensor chipset would have powered the mobile as the current Pixel 6 flagships.

Although the leaked information suggested that the device could have been a convincing offer if it had been mentioned, less attractive features were mentioned in the rumors. For example, the primary image capture unit would have been the same 12-megapixel module used on previous Pixel phones. This sensor would have been used to avoid the increased thickness that comes with larger sensors. Otherwise, only two cameras would have taken up space on the back of the mobile.

Of course, this does not necessarily mean that the company will permanently abandon its plans for smart-screen smartphones. It is possible that the engineers will return to the design desk, rethink the concept, and delight us with a foldable mobile at some point in the distant future. Although the market for foldable smartphones is growing, the most significant competitor, Apple, will not come up with such a device before 2023, so Google will not lag if it announces its own portfolio later. To be sure, the search giant is at the heart of the matter of bendable mobiles, a clear signal of this with the announcement of the Android 12L , which was made for large-screen flexible mobiles in addition to tablets.

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