How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S9 battery low issue in 2021

Samsung is known to provide low battery life for their flagship smartphone. Like the S8, the new Galaxy S9 comes with a 3000 mAh battery, and the S9 + comes with a 3500 mAh battery.

As you can imagine, the battery backup of these devices is very poor, especially with the Snapdragon version. So, if you are also having problems with your Samsung Galaxy S9 battery, follow this guide to fix your Galaxy S9 battery discharge problem.

Steps to fix the Galaxy S9 battery drain problem.

Samsung has launched the flagship of the Galaxy. The S9 has the same design as its predecessor. Just like the Galaxy S8, it comes in two versions. One is for the United States and China, and the other is a global version. The US and Chinese versions run on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 chipset. But the international version runs on Samsung’s own Exynos 9810 chipset. If we compare both versions, there is a lot of difference.

Always turn off the display.

For Galaxy S9 devices and their predecessors, this is a sleek feature that shows messages, notifications, time, and weather updates on the lock screen even when the phone is locked. So you don’t have to press the power button every time to check the time or other notifications. This is an excellent service. But here comes the downside, this feature is one of the biggest culprits in reducing battery life. This feature never consumes a large battery because Samsung AMOLED panels are used. But if you’re using the Galaxy S9 and the battery doesn’t last a full day, this simple step will improve a bit.

Learn more energy-intensive applications

There are plenty of apps on the Android platform. This includes stable applications and unstable applications. Some applications, such as Facebook, Messenger, etc., consume most battery juice. So you need to know which application is causing the battery to drain. Go to System -> Device Maintenance -> Battery. Here is the battery usage for each application. Suppose you find applications that consume too much battery power; press the Power Saver button. Disables background applications.

Remove or disable unused applications.

Samsung delivers its smartphone with a plethora of applications to get the whole experience at a glance. However, most of these applications are undesirable and irrelevant to most users. Even when not in use, it consumes a lot of power in the background. It’s time to turn them off.

Find the app you want to disable or remove. Then tap and hold the app, then tap Disable. You cannot uninstall applications that are preinstalled on the application. In this case, you can disable them.

Use the battery protector.

Thanks to Samsung, galaxy devices can be shipped with a preinstalled battery saver. You can extend battery life by switching between battery-saving modes. Each battery model shows a backup of the battery to choose the best battery mode for you. It offers two options – medium and max. These modes reduce screen resolution to FHD +, suffocate the processor, reduce brightness, and ultimately limit background network usage. This gives you the best battery performance.

You can disable Bixby even when you are not using it.

These are the simplest and easiest steps to fix your Galaxy S9 battery drain problem. However, if you still have problems, try resetting the handset.

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