How to Restore Your YouTube History

How to restore your YouTube history. YouTube is the largest video network today. Its features include the ability to have an internal record of the videos you watch, although many users mistakenly delete the history. They are wondering how to restore YouTube’s history to find previously seen videos.

It should be noted that YouTube History is only available to users who have registered with YouTube with their Google Account.

So if a user has deleted their browsing history and wants to recover the history of videos they’ve visited on YouTube, here’s how:

  1. Sign in to YouTube with your account.
  2. There is a menu on the left side of the screen in the YouTube interface, you can choose from several options, and in this case, we need to find one in the “Library” section of the “Record” section.
  3. Once we’re inside, we can enjoy YouTube’s video history.

It should be noted that if you delete some or all of your history from YouTube History, there is no way to recover it.

On the other hand, because YouTube is a Google service, we can also access YouTube’s history from any mobile device that is linked to a Google Account used for YouTube.

YouTube History also has another feature, “Pause Play History,” which doesn’t have a clear feature at first glance. Still, some users find it helpful not to overwhelm YouTube’s internal history with a large number of videos.

Another handy feature is history search. To use this tool, go to YouTube history and press the search button, and then we will search for even a single word we remember from a video you see and find it. It is helpful if the exact name of the video you are watching is not recognized.

Finally, YouTube adds recommendations to videos based on videos the user has seen before, which are sometimes not very successful in preventing YouTube from making these types of recommendations, deleting and stopping YouTube’s history, and deleting YouTube. Cache and cookies.

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