How to Set up Dark Mode in Youtube

YouTube provides you with the dark theme for increased eye protection. You have this choice with the Web version of that video platform, much like with some apps and mobile devices. Since it is less hazardous to your eyes, you can install this black appearance on your computer.

Any electronic item you stare at causes your perception of light to impair your vision gradually. Because of this, several social networks give their users the option to enable this mode. The dark mode of YouTube is straightforward to install on your devices because it gives your computer screen an intense black or grey appearance.

You should be aware that this helpful version is available in other formats outside the mobile application since YouTube Web technology is also compatible. As a result, you can still utilise dark mode on a computer if you use social media:

How to set up Youtube dark mode on Windows

Using the Light mode on youtube unquestionably strains your eyes. Well, the contrast it creates between the videos and the background is atrocious. Because of this, you should follow these instructions if you wish to rest your eyes while viewing information on a Windows computer:

  1. On a computer, sign in to your YouTube account, then click on the picture of your avatar.
  2. The three vertical dots in the upper right corner can also be clicked.
  3. You can now choose the line marked “Appearance” from the options menu that will now be visible.
  4. To begin enjoying the appearance of black on your screen, select the “Dark theme” option.
  5. Additionally, you may choose the light version or “Use device theme” right there if you wish to go back in time. Your computer’s default appearance will turn on immediately when you do this.

How to set up Youtube dark mode on Mac

On your Mac, this opaque version is quite helpful for controlling screen brightness and protecting your eyesight. You must understand how to properly enable YouTube’s dark mode and control other tricks this technology provides. It’s straightforward to watch videos in the Dark mode; you must access your YouTube account’s drop-down menu. But on Mac, you can go far further and apply this option system-wide. In this manner, the transition from day to dark mode will trigger the shift automatically.

Benefits of using Dark mode on Youtube

Your vision will surely be less affected by the shift in the light mode of the screen when you are watching videos. If you have YouTube for Android installed, you will be able to observe that using the dark mode helps you conserve battery life and improves your viewing experience.

However, using this modality on your computer has a lot of advantages. In certain situations, the platform’s night mode should be used to control the brightness, especially if the surroundings are dark. Consequently, by turning on YouTube’s grayscale option, you will do the following:

  • Aids in eye relaxation and has no impact on circadian rhythm
  • Makes the computer’s browsing performance better
  • Gives the user a very contemporary look

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