This is how the YouTube co-founder is protesting against the removal of the dislike button

Google recently announced that it has begun hiding the number of dislikes on YouTube, mandatory for all videos. Plenty of videos have spoken out against this, and most users don’t even support the search giant’s move. The company has also been criticized for an unexpected place, with one of YouTube’s original inventors speaking out, not just anywhere!

Remember what the first YouTube video was? The 18-second recording was uploaded in 2005 by Jawed Karim, one of the site’s founders.

The historical video “Me at the zoo” was made at the San Diego Zoo and Karim talks about elephants on it. The recording has already been seen by more than 200 million people and is, of course, available to this day.

Since the acquisition of Google, Karim has had little to do with the platform, and since then, it has been the only video under his username. However, now he still felt the need to speak out against the removal of dislike, so he changed the description below the video.

In short, he writes that something was very wrong, and Google’s announcement was not sincere at all. It has been said that it is in the interest of videographers, while most content producers oppose it. Dislike has made it possible to filter out lousy content quickly and easily, and now they lose the opportunity to do so.

Finally, he concludes:

In business, only one thing is more important than “Make it better.” And this is “Don’t f**k.”

After writing the founder of YouTube, the video received a lot of new comments, the number of words exceeded 10 million, a lot of people expressed their support and are happy to speak out against Google’s move.

The search giant’s official justification is that dislike will be removed anyway to protect smaller videographers from “harassment.” Still, many say they want to favor companies the most, who don’t enjoy negative visual feedback during their videos.

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