The robotic plane, which can deliver other robots, has arrived

Of course, Airlogix’s originality isn’t restricted to machines. The device, according to the creator, has a highly extended range.

Commercial UAV Expo Americas, a large-scale event, will highlight significant breakthroughs in the drone sector. The premiere included some intriguing ideas in early September, including Airlogix’s sophisticated robot aircraft, the Hammerhead eV20.

According to auto evolution, it is a remote-controlled system that can go exceptionally fast and far: it can drive up to 72 kilometers per hour. The 120 mAh battery can withstand distances of at least 100 kilometers from the maker.

© YouTube / Airlogix

The machine can carry a burden of up to 20 kg. While this isn’t much, it can help if you need to supply things like medicines, food, or other supplies. You can also get to difficult places to access because you fly.

© YouTube / Airlogix

According to the portal, Airlogix showed the robot’s cargo-carrying capabilities in a humorous experiment. The Boston Dynamics robot dog was also loaded, but not at the same time as the drone, and the drone nonetheless delivered it.

© YouTube / Airlogix

The device also has navigation sensors and a light that can be seen from a distance.

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