Theoretical physics now rests on the question: are there extraterrestrials?

According to some researchers, the possibility of intelligent beings still observing the Earth and its inhabitants today, for example, through secret satellites, can no longer be ruled out. Now a team has come together trying to find answers.

An international research team has been set up under the leadership of one of the best-known theoretical physicists, Avi Loeb, and not for any reason: scientists will examine whether there are technologically advanced extraterrestrials and, if so, whether they have traces that we may have detectable.

According to Live Science, Loeb also revealed at a press conference that the research would be conducted using telescopes and scientific spacecraft operating worldwide. Experts will review and analyze the available data to find a clue that could indicate an extraterrestrial civilization.

Illustration of Oumuamua © European Southern Observatory

The research relies heavily on a cosmic object called Oumuamua, which passed Earth in 2017, and its size and shape excited several astronomers. A handful of scientists then concluded that the comet/asteroid is not what they say but perhaps a space vehicle. Researchers also added at the time that Oumuamua was the first object to come into the Solar System from interstellar space, at least as far as we know.

The research, rooted in Loeb and renamed the Galileo Project, begins with the accession of several long-established institutions. Researchers from Princeton University, Caltech University of Technology (Caltech), Cambridge University in England, and Stockholm University, among others, are also involved in the work. The team of scientists will also study unidentified flying objects.

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