The Edge browser now has a new feature

Microsoft has added new features to the Edge browser: in addition to helping us replace our old / leaked passwords, laptops will run out of battery later.

Microsoft has updated its Edge browser, which can be enjoyed by those who use the software on laptops. The company has put a feature in the browser to help the battery last longer on a single charge.

According to Microsoft, introducing a new efficiency mode feature will reduce CPU and memory usage “significantly.” While this reduces the performance of your browser, it will help you drain your laptop later. The feature turns on when the battery is low, but users can turn it on manually when they need to save.

Another practical innovation is that it will be much easier to update passwords in Edge in the future. If you want to change it on a web page – for example, because it has been leaked – all you have to do is press the button next to the password in your browser password setting, which will immediately navigate us to that location. The website will then offer a new password, which we can accept directly and update the version stored in the browser. This feature only works on a few websites so far, but Microsoft promises it will be available on more and more websites in the coming months.

Edge also has a feature that can help with online shopping: the browser finds the cheapest product and then notifies users.

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