Netflixs’ speed test meter is now available on iOS and Android

Of course, Netflix’s performance is dependent on the network’s optimal distribution of its material, which is dependent, among other things, on the quality of its users’ Internet connections when downloading multimedia.

As a result, in addition to the additional and ongoing registrations it conducts on suppliers worldwide, the company launched an online tool called that allows users to perform a download speed test and determine whether they are paying the contracted rate simply by visiting that URL. After the process, a fundamental value in Mbps is displayed in an enormous form.

Well, the tool has arrived today in the form of a mobile application for iOS and Android, distinguishing itself from other speed meters by being ad-free, focusing solely on download speed, avoiding technical values that not everyone understands, and allowing for a more realistic analysis process with less bias by not allowing providers to manipulate them with specific optimizations -as is already the case with some famous speed test.

The Netflix Tech Blog delves into the mathematics and integration of the findings of various variables recorded by, which makes use of Netflix’s global network of servers to achieve more precision.

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