High-resolution satellite images show kabul airport chaos

On Monday, Maxar Technologies, a company based in the United States, released many satellite photographs of the situation at Kabul Airport.

On Monday afternoon, the American company Maxar Technologies sent several satellite photographs on its Twitter feed. According to high-resolution footage, the scenario at Kabul airport in Afghanistan and its highways was chaotic.

© Maxar Technologies
© Maxar Technologies

Those fleeing the Taliban’s rule of Kabul formed a line near the runway to board a jet to exit the country.

© Maxar Technologies

Someone pointed out in the comments that the Afghans attempting to flee are likely standing in an unusual pattern at the airport. Some military aircraft and helicopters in the Maxar are most likely retouching the photograph.

On Monday, traffic at Kabul airport was halted due to the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan. The runway had been overwhelmed by thousands of people attempting to exit the country. On Tuesday, the evacuation was resumed.

Several dramatic videos from the airport surfaced, including one showing frantic Kabul residents hanging to a take-off plane and crashing – a figure that has been questioned.

In recent years, a group of 20 Afghan females at the airport stood out for their engineering abilities. It’s unknown whether they were able to leave the country.

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