You don’t even need to download it: you can now try Windows 11 from a browser

As a result of exciting development work, you can taste the Windows 11 environment from a web browser alone.

As Windows 11 officially launches, opportunities are piling up to see the latest os ahead of time. At the same time, it is worth being very careful with versions from unofficial sources since even by opening them, you can unleash dangerous viruses on your device.

Of course, the above dangers only exist if you start working with an installation file. Thus, alternatives, where we simulate the system’s running (or any other environment), do not pose a risk. That’s why blue edge was created, which made “Windows 11” available in a browser. However, this work is incomplete: the user only receives an image of the software and does not get its natural function.

© Blue Edge

Therefore, the simulator that can be started by clicking here has minimal possibilities. Still, it is excellent for getting a first-hand taste of the design and essential elements offered by the software. One of these is related to the Start menu: it can also be browsed in the web app, and of course, it looks exactly as Microsoft had dreamed of in the genuine Windows 11. However, you cannot start the programs in the list, even if you click them.

Another clever solution is the search engine or control panel, which also “work.” The simulator also includes the revised Windows Store built into the system. Of course, you can’t buy, so it’s just also good to take a closer look. But that might be enough.

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