Upgrade to Chrome, useful little features have been added

Widgets are also available for Chrome, although the most recent versions did not work effectively. The search engine has now corrected the inaccuracies.

Google has published Chrome version 95, which includes a patch for an issue in the new widgets (windows) for the browser, according to Android Police.

Widgets are helpful add-ons to display more information on your screen. This was doable on Android using Chrome, but there was a problem with the new widgets. As a result, the function did not perform as expected. The search engine has now resolved this.

The new widgets have a variety of functions, including one that allows you to access Google Search, incognito mode quickly, and voice search, and another that will enable you to summon a built-in dinosaur at the touch of a button.

Of course, the app also has the old ones and the new windows. After Apple added this small thing to its system, Google pondered revamping the widgets with Chrome.

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