Nintendo is the next company to consider entering NFTs

It is undeniable that, despite their usefulness -or lack of it, depending on how you look at it-, NFTs are the rage of the moment among the holders of great fortunes, and this does not exempt the significant companies in the technology sector from having a whole series of plans to become part of this technology, and of course, take a piece of the cake.

However, what concerns us today is the possible entry of Nintendo into this scheme. Still, according to one of the directors of Nintendo, for now, they do not know precisely how to enter this technology. It should be noted that the rest of the companies that have started working with NFTs have not been able to explain what are the advantages that it will bring to users, while Ubisoft directly hinted that this is the fault of the users themselves.

This can be found on the Twitter account of David Gibson, an analyst who has summarized the highlights of a Nintendo earnings call. As part of the response, a poison dart has been thrown at companies that, as we mentioned, do not seem to have fully defined use cases for NFTs, although they have business strategies revolving around these tokens.

In any case, Nintendo is interested in the benefits that NFTs can bring to both the company and its users. Still, the main problem is that they are not clear about the benefits that players of Nintendo titles can obtain from them. Of it. Hopefully, from now on, Nintendo will be able to answer a question like this more concretely, but they don’t have an answer for now.

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