Instagram requests video authentication from users

According to the latest information, Instagram has recently asked some users to create a video that allows their faces to be seen from multiple angles due to disapproval of their account. Supposedly, the social media platform wants to filter out fake registrations and bots with this method.

The idea itself isn’t entirely new; Instagram started testing this authentication method last year but was forced to abandon the project due to technical issues. You’re probably wondering why such a solution might be needed: the social site has long struggled with accounts registered by fake and bots, harassing other users with spam and otherwise, or artificially increasing the number of followers of specific profiles.

The Instagram PR team told Twitter that strangely behaving accounts may require their owners to create a video selfie. The company has emphasized that no facial recognition is used. All that is done is to review the submitted footage to see if real people are behind them, meaning a natural person is behind the account.

A few even captured the thing during operation. Instagram requests a video for identification that shows every angle of the user’s face, proving that it’s a natural person. Once completed, the video will need to be submitted to the social networking site, whose staff will then confirm your identity. Instagram promises that the video will be deleted from the company’s agencies within 30 days.

It is not yet known whether this is now testing or a phasing-in, whether it will be mandatory for everyone to submit such a video in the end, or whether this procedure will only be used for grossly suspicious profiles. In addition, Instagram is also testing the “Take a Break” feature, through which the platform alerts users sometimes to close the app and deal with something else.

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