Apple working on an autonomous vehicle

Bloomberg previously reported that Apple has been working on autonomous vehicles since 2014, but the project is still in its very early stages.

Doug Field © Ford

“Apple has lost the first person in its car project,” Wrote The Verge, citing the official announcement. Doug Field had previously led this work of the apple company, but Ford had since signed the expert; the contract has already been concluded. The Field will be responsible for the company’s embedded systems.

Apple commented on the change in a terse statement, which is likely further to hamper the company’s work on autonomous vehicles. According to Bloomberg, they have been going on since 2014, but they are still in the early stages due to the changes tracked in the project.

The Verge notes that Field was also vice president of special projects for Apple, including working on the company’s first electric car. The concept runs under the name Project Titan.

At least that’s what the company’s employees refer to it. Before that, the specialist was also involved in hardware development of the manufacturer’s Mac computers, and in 2013 he went to Tesla to perform engineering tasks. From there, however, he returned to Apple in 2018.

It is not yet known who will replace Field at the iPhone maker, although, in June, Apple signed former BMW chief Ulrich Kranz, who also worked on the i3 EV and i8 hybrid sports cars.

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