An Interesting Feature is now available on YouTube Premium

Sometimes users may also be interested in comments that come under YouTube videos. You can try how easy it is to read them in our mother tongue for a short time. Of course, this requires a YouTube Premium subscription.

An exciting feature is tested in the YouTube app for Android and iOS: instant translation of comments into the user’s language. This option can only be tried for a limited time (until September 9) and can only be accessed by YouTube Premium subscribers.

This is part of regular YouTube experiments, where premium users can become the first to learn about features that will become more widely available later.

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If this translation feature becomes active on your smartphone and the video service detects that the comments are in a different language from the language used on the device, the “Translate” switch with the Google Translate icon appears below the foreign language text. If you click this, you can read the comments about the video in your language. You need to click “View Original.”

The new feature is only available in the latest YouTube app, and it’s not yet known when it will be released more widely.

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