Instagram is blocked in Russia.

Russia threatened to suspend Instagram access across the country a few days ago in response to a change in Instagram and Facebook regulations that allowed posts only asking for murder against Russian troops and authorities, something that has not been proven logically.

Finally, according to Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s director, today is the first day Instagram is restricted in Russia. This situation will cut off 80 million people’s access to the outside world. According to the data, around 80% of Russian users follow at least one user from outside the nation.

Although most of the population would be effectively blocked from accessing Instagram, users with higher technical understanding will find ways to circumvent the blockade, such as using a VPN.

Remember that independent information has been illegal in Russia since the conflict with Ukraine began, with anyone spreading “false” information facing up to 15 years in prison. This applies to all data in Russia, except for those provided by the local media.

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