Intel updates its Media Q2 drivers to add support for Intel Raptor Lake S and P

The Q2 Media Drivers from Intel have been upgraded to work with the following Raptor Lake processors. The Intel Raptor Lake-P laptop and desktop Raptor Lake now support this Intel API for video acceleration, encoding, and decoding for GPUs built into Intel CPUs.

Version 22.4.4 of the Media Drivers Q2 library has been released, and one of its new features is that it is now compatible with processors from the upcoming generation. It will work with the Intel Raptor Lake-S and the Intel Raptor Lake-P, low-power laptop processors from the upcoming generation about which we haven’t heard anything.

Higher numbers of mobile cores, up to 22 for the Intel Raptor Lake-P and 24 for the Intel Raptor Lake-HX, are anticipated in this new generation of mobile processors.

On the other hand, the Intel Raptor Lake-S series is anticipated to go on sale in October. Intel is already making preparations to make its software compatible with this upcoming generation. However, it’s also predicted that laptop CPUs won’t be readily available until 2023, most likely in January, at CES. Nevertheless, Intel added this Intel Raptor Lake-P platform to the Media Drivers Q2 this time.

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