Leaked photo of Facebook’s Meta smartwatch

The company is reportedly working on three generations of smartwatches.

Meta — the corporate formerly referred to as Facebook — is also developing a smartwatch that may take photos and videos.

Bloomberg has published a picture showing a smartwatch with rounded corners just like the Apple Watch, except it contains a notch with a front-facing camera.


App developer Steve Moser found the image inside the company’s app accustomed control its Ray-Ban Stories AR sunglasses, hinting that it could even be wont to control the watch within the future.

In addition to having rounded corners and a camera, the smartwatch possesses a stainless-steel casing and detachable straps. Moser also says that the code inside the app indicates that the watch may be called Milan, which could afford the photos and videos you captured with it to be downloaded on the phone.

According to Bloomberg, Meta hopes to launch a smartwatch as early as 2022, but nothing has been finalized yet. Further, Facebook’s parent company is reportedly already functioning on three generations of products released at different times.

It is not clear if the device shown within the image is one amongst those or if it’ll even be released the least bit. The Verge also reported earlier this year that Facebook is functioning on a smartwatch with a front-facing and a 1080p rear camera with autofocus.

It could also have a pulse rate monitor and LTE connectivity, though those features may be distributed across the three different models.

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