It’s a pretty scary parody video about the new world of Facebook

Meta (aka Facebook) would build a new kind of virtual world. For the time being, the idea of ​​a sci-fi fit world is still misty, but there are already those who make fun of it and point out its dangers.

The former Facebook or the meta-version dreamed up by Meta is an alternative world to which VR devices are the gateway. In this particular digital space, users could live a second life – online. It is an ambitious idea, and like all this, it is criticized and trolled by many.

Earlier, Iceland made a parody of the idea for the metaverse, a video that reportedly even piqued Zuckerberg’s interest. However, he probably won’t be so thrilled with the scintillation made by the animation studio Surreal Entertainment. Because many people know the peculiarities of the 37-year-old billionaire, this video takes it to a whole different level.

© YouTube / Surreal Entertainment

In the clip, the user is greeted as an “alpha tester” who will be involved in this task with Meta leader Mark Zuckerberg himself. “Today, we’re going to talk about the metaverse,” the animated Zuckerberg greets the viewer, and when he turns around, he sees him hiding a giant sword behind him. A grin from ear to ear appears on his mouth, then the image turns reddish, warning the viewer that something is very wrong here.

The Meta Leader then discusses the peculiarities of augmented reality, emphasizing that physical things can be transferred into the metaverse. For example, a BBQ sauce known to be Zuckerberg’s favorite. Zuckerberg offers the user, who – in principle – has the option to accept or reject this. Since the video is not interactive, this time, the rejection remains.

However, Zuckerberg doesn’t like it very much, and the “bloody ending” is coming. Mark slams the user with his sword. A text will then appear stating that Mark Zuckerberg has sent an assassin to the user’s location and that the VR headset will soon be shaking the viewer’s head, but he will no longer be able to remove it. It is unnecessary to protest, as you have signed the acceptance of the terms of use.

The 360-degree YouTube version of the video below will also show details that remain hidden in the static version uploaded to Twitter TikTok. For example, it’s not just Mark Zuckerberg who’s in cyberspace.

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