We have a new name for Facebook

The CEO of Facebook announced the new name of the company on Thursday evening

The firm that runs the social media platform, which many controversies have recently hit, will be Meta. “We’re developing connectivity technologies that will finally connect people at the core. And by working together, we can pave the road for a much larger content market,”

At the Facebook Connect event, Mark Zuckerberg explained why he believes the company should be renamed Facebook. Explaining that the Facebook brand is currently associated with a product seems more sensible (the most important social site).

But over time, I hope we’ll be seen as a company operating a beta version,” Zuckerberg said.

The large-scale idea to develop a “living-breathing” world in virtual reality instead of/in addition to community space was thus alluded to by Facebook’s founder, then known as Meta. For this purpose alone, the corporation hires 10,000 new staff throughout Europe.

Facebook purchased the meta.com domain, which already points to the Zuckerberg Empire’s flagship, in the name of a name change.

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The timing of the rebranding could be advantageous for the corporation, which has just revealed some damaging information. A leaked internal memo revealed that Facebook was treating the far right with a gloved hand a few days ago.

Frances Haugen, a former employee of the company, previously stated that it had done nothing, even though the social media site is aware of Instagram’s toxicity. Haugen later explained that he persuaded the social media site that money was more important than user safety.

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