Microsoft is bringing Windows PC Health Check to Windows 10 computers

Microsoft believes that the health checker has a role on the machine regardless of whether the user moves to Windows 11.

Parallel to Windows 11, Microsoft released Windows PC Health Check, a health checker application. This tool will evaluate if you meet all of the requirements to upgrade your Windows 10 PC to the most recent version of Windows, Windows 11. Not only that, but the app now incorporates diagnostics for tracking device status and troubleshooting for better performance.

In any event, it is believed in Redmond that such a program is required for Windows 10 users. Therefore Windows Update KB5005463 will be installed automatically on all machines running Windows 10 2004 or later. However, Windows 11 PCs do not have the application installed.

It’s also helpful to know that the health checker app installs critical app updates automatically, and users can’t turn it off. This can be aggravating because most updates come with a prompt to restart your computer. Of course, you can uninstall the health checker (Apps> Apps & Features> App list (Windows PC Health Check)> Uninstall).

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