Best Reasons Medianet is better than Google Adsense is not new to contextual advertising. They have been around since 2010, and we have reviewed them in advance. They regularly topped the list of AdSense alternatives on our website.

Since we last wrote about them, we’ve only heard good things about the publishing experience. For those who haven’t tried them yet, do it now. Google AdSense users – You also need to add to your admix, and we appreciate it to add incremental value to your revenue. And who doesn’t want to, right?

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Here’s why we think is an excellent alternative to Google AdSense:

1. 2nd largest contextual advertising network in the world. is the 2nd largest contextual advertising business globally, exclusively through Yahoo! The Bing Contextual Ads program, one of the world’s largest groups of advertisers, opens up $ 6bn in search needs to publishers.

This means that no matter how broad or incomplete the content is, your inventory will always show significant demand among multiple advertisers. Such a large market for keyword-targeted advertisers means a more competitive market, which in turn will generate better revenue because only the most relevant and highest-paying advertisers will win the bid to display their ads on their blog/site.

2. Pioneers of the D2S ad format.

The display mode of the search ad format is a sophisticated way to monetize display placements, identify user search intent, and display relevant search keywords that result in search ads purchased by advertisers in the CPC model.

The D2S ad format filters out user intent, which results in better targeting of ads on your site and higher revenue, as advertisers are likely to pay more for these valuable clicks where user intent is unambiguous compared to CPM-based ads, whether the user joined the ad or looked like the past.

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3. Full Contextual Advertising.

By now, you know that is cutting-edge with technology. Intuitive and intelligent technology is also behind the targeting of ads.’s algorithms are constantly self-optimizing in their ability to analyze and understand the concept of content.

Once you absorb what you write, they associate the content with the suitable ads on each page. No more such slimming pills on a beautiful food blog! Your ads will be contextual, meaning they will add value to your writing rather than conspire with it. If you have ads with content related to your content, you still have a high chance of being clicked on, and you pay.

4. Native ads that feel the shape and feel of the content.

The user experience is not compromised by ads that do not fit into the page systems. We are subjected to such advertisements every day, and from our own experience, they will know that they are not practical, pathological, and inorganic for your content.

What offers is a seamless and more confident way to create a native ad experience for your readers. Native ads are particular in that they look and feel like the content. Because of their similar appearance to the content, they are confused and do not interfere with the content of those who remain consistent. ads accept the flow of editorial content without changing the site’s layout. Here are some examples.

5. Beautiful and various ad units that are aesthetically better than others.

When you sign in to, it sends you an ad tag to help you create ads of all sizes and types. Depending on the performance of your account, you can also make custom ad units for yourself. Each ad unit responds without getting in or puts the extra effort on its part into any screen size or device type. Not only do their ad units behave, but they are also aesthetically pleasing.

6. Each publisher will receive a separate Account Manager.

How many have used other major ad networks if they can’t control and provide guidance when needed? We’re sure there’s a significant number that says, “Me!”. This is a gap that has identified and filled quite democratically.

It doesn’t matter if you are a small or large publisher on Each of them gets a client for an account manager, and that can be a massive help to any newcomer to monetization. Nowhere else will there be a company that devotes so many human resources and showcases the revenue-generating ties of blogging.

These account managers make sensible suggestions that, if they pay attention, can go a long way in increasing their revenue. So there is no groping in the dark. As with other ad networks, there is no more dependence on responses in the obscure corner of user-generated forums. On, when you get to a wall, shoot your email account manager, and they’ll do their best to fix your problem.

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7. Adds AdSense and creates additional ad inventory.

We know that a large percentage of publishers use AdSense to drive traffic. Wait, who doesn’t want more ad revenue? helps those who don’t want to stop using AdSense. is easy and efficient to use with AdSense to earn incremental revenue. contains several ad units not covered by the AdSense ad package. With these ad units, you can create additional ad inventory and opportunities for your current ad revenue. Here are some examples of ad unit sizes unique to 600 × 250 custom ad units 600 × 120 custom ad units

Our recommendation

So, we think – We have no reason not to try on I was impressed with the performance of their ads and the quality of their services. Undoubtedly a great alternative to AdSense.

How to join

All you have to do is click here and sign up. All sites will be independently reviewed by and will be notified immediately to your account manager if your site is approved.

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