Afghan robot-building girls are desperately attempting to flee the country.

Afghan Dreamers is a robotics development team of girls aged 12 to 18. However, their lives in Afghanistan may be jeopardized due to the Taliban’s occupation.

According to CBC News in Canada, the Afghan development team was frantically trying to leave Afghanistan by developing a ventilator for coronavirus patients out of automobile components. The team’s members were last in the worldwide news in May 2020.

Afghan Dreamers, a robotics team of girls aged 12 to 18, creates and builds robots. According to human rights lawyer Kimberley Motley, the girls still want to learn, and they see their future in Afghanistan, but they are terrified and don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Motley wants the Canadian government to assist them in obtaining refugee status and leaving the country.

The 20-member squad has been covered frequently in Western media, where they have been depicted as Afghanistan’s future leaders. It has served as a great illustration of how much the country has changed in terms of women’s equality since the entrance of the US troops. The country’s future has been questioned due to the United States’ withdrawal and the Taliban’s takeover.

The Taliban, according to Motley, go door to door, forcing young girls to marry. Members of the development team, according to the lawyer, may face the same fate.

The girls have already visited Canada and won a robotics competition there. In 2018, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau congratulated them personally, and Motley stated that they would be safe in the country.

It’s unclear where Afghan dreamers are right now. According to a BBC correspondent on Twitter, they were spotted at Kabul airport.

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