If you look at YouTube with these glasses, you will see the world very differently

Augmented reality

After much criticism of the first sunglasses, we now have a promising version of Nreal in China. They claim that anyone who watches this video or opens apps can become part of a new kind of world.

Augmented reality (AR) is not just a new kind of opportunity for the military, as devices that use this technology are now commercially available. Just think of the smart glasses with which you can get extra content by joining an app – on almost any topic.

The regular consumer market is also targeted by a Chinese company called Nreal, which has recently come up with a novelty called Air: smart glasses that are specifically recommended for watching videos or movies, possibly games. And because it already has dark lenses, it can be used well, even in strong sunlight.

To project the content, the glasses send the content to the internal lenses, more precisely to a smaller display located there. The product must be connected to a smartphone with a wired solution that ensures that the image from there reaches the glasses. The user must also open an application for communication to be uninterrupted.

According to Nreal, the method is excellent for “spatial” browsing YouTube videos, as each shot gets a little closer and at eye level. The device’s wearer can control playback from the phone or load new applications.

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According to Engadget, the image can be rotated 46 degrees, giving the buyer a relatively large 201-inch digital interface. The latter’s advantage is that pictures of multiple contents can be imported simultaneously in the artificial range, even at 90 Hz.

Nreal Air is the company’s second such device after receiving a lot of criticism. Among other things, your predecessor got outward-facing cameras that could also see the items in front of the glasses. The product was also heavier: it weighed 106 grams, while the current version weighed 77.

The company also reconsidered the pricing because there was also a problem: it was offered 600 dollars. The novelty will be a fraction of that, according to Nreal, but is planned to be marketed only in the Asian market in the first round.

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