A new kind of laptop is coming to stores

Acer’s novelty is dirt fast, but the real special feature is the screen

The panel can transform what you see into three-dimensional ones without 3D glasses.

It only existed at the concept level for a few months but will soon be a product to buy. It’s an Acer unique laptop made in collaboration with SpatialLabs. The device’s main feature is that the screen can convert the content displayed to 3D without wearing any special glasses.

The Engadget writes that after the camera is an eye in the top frame of the workstation called Concept 7 SpatialLabs Edition, which adjusts the 3D image of the seated before him in respect. By the way, an image can be more than just a photo, but essentially anything – even video.

The basic idea behind the laptop was that artists, designers, and engineers could not look at the image with a second or third program or after rendering (that is, three-dimensional conversion) but immediately by looking at the laptop screen. And this experience will soon be available during home/work use, but of course not cheap: you will have to pay 3599 euros for it. Distribution is initially expected in only a few markets, but on those as early as December this year. And what else is worth that money?

Acer has put together an absolute beast: an 11th generation Core i7 chip will work under the hood, and the customer can request up to 64GB of RAM or a GeForce RTX 3080 graphics controller. The display is 4K at the factory.

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