Data was leaked by the South Korean data protection authority

Nearly two hundred South Korean facebookers have launched an investigation against the site at the local data protection authority, but the latter has only made an even bigger deal.

It can be rightly assumed that the data protection authority is working hard to carry out various investigations with great precision. However, the South Korean PIPC (Personal Information Protection Commission) made a grave mistake: they leaked data while asking them for help on just such a case.

The Register reported the story. According to the article, 181 South Korean Facebook users have asked their supervisor to help with an investigation. Stakeholders have complained that the social site has passed on their data to external application developers without their consent.

PIPC accepted the lawsuit and then ordered Facebook to pay 300,000 won compensation. However, there was an error in sending the decision, and the authority also forwarded a collection of personal data to 19 unknowns.

Because of what happened, the president of PIPC explained in a longer statement admitting the mistake. Jun Jongin also apologized to those involved.

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