Google has joined LG with the promotion of the new Pixel 6

There’s still nothing weird or unique about Google publishing a brand new Pixel 6 ad on YouTube. After all, the flagship has just arrived, print marketing. But to the detriment of another retired manufacturer?

The new video tries to convince existing LG users to switch to the Pixel model instead. The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are undeniably exciting devices, with a custom-developed processor and a bunch more. Of course, no matter how good a product is, if people don’t know about it or find it desirable, a comprehensive advertising campaign is also needed to succeed.

The video just released is part of that and lists a total of 113 reasons why people should switch to Pixel right now, “when the manufacturer of your old cell phone stops making phones.” The mentioned part can be seen at the very end of the video, from 8:30:

There is an apparent visual and verbal reference to LG, which has recently exited the phone market, obviously not to its delight. The mobile division has been struggling for years. At first, it may not be clear why Google promotes its own devices at the expense of another quasi-non-existent mobile manufacturer. Still, we’ll soon realize what’s behind it on closer inspection.

LG was quite popular in the Americas but failed to make it into the top 5 manufacturers in Asia or Europe. From this, it can be concluded that Google may want to fill the vacancy of LG in the US and Canada and persuade customers to switch with some hint.

However, the video is advertised to the detriment of LG, and the new Google Pixel 6 models stand their ground without such a thing. They talk about the ccamera’scapabilities, uptime, and extra features like car accident detection and the like.

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