Stephanie Mason sold her farts in jars, and now sells them in NFT format

Stephanie Matto is a celebrity who became famous due to her participation in the reality show “90-Day Fiance”. After appearing on the show, Matto built a large following on TikTok, where she began selling her gases in vials for values ​​of up to $1,000. But after some time of commercializing this bizarre but successful product, he announced that she would stop selling them, at least in bottles, and replace them with NFTs.

Recently, Matto had to be hospitalized due to gastric complications. This was caused by the high fiber diet you consume to produce much gas. According to her statements to Jam Press, she initially thought it was a stroke but quickly realized that the problem was another.

Although she did not explain to her doctors about the sale of gas in bottles, Matto did tell them about her particular diet. Doctors advised her to change her and take a gas-suppressing medicine. This involved abandoning her business, which is very profitable.

Stephanie Matto considered herself a businesswoman and began selling her gases in bottles last November for those who do not know. She frequently shares a record of her foods to increase her flatulence. And some reports indicate that she earned as much as $ 50,000 per week from her sale.

Matto launched her website for NFTs.

Matto was not ready to abandon her business entirely and decided to transfer it to the world of NFTs. She replaced the gases in actual flasks with their cartoon equivalent. To complete the transition, it launched a website that sells 5,000 NFTs for a price of .05ether ( roughly $ 191 match). One hundred of these NFTs can be exchanged for gases in genuine bottles, another 70 for used underwear, and another 30 for lingerie pieces.

Finally, the website advertises that the businesswoman offers Zoom calls and tutorials to help anyone who wants to start a business like hers. Those interested will receive tips to build a brand and become content creators.

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