Spotify adds a new feature to its app

Spotify now associates most of the songs on the platform with lyrics and shows them to the user in sync with playback.

Spotify has been testing the feature that allows users to follow the lyrics of a song for a long time. The feature has been available mainly in the United States and only for a few users there, but the company has announced that from now on, everyone will get the novelty.

According to Spotify, the function that allows you to follow the lyrics – and thus the opportunity to sing together – will be available for “most” songs. In practice, this means that lyrics will accompany not all songs, and if we have a good idea, we will be able to meet the novelty of the English-speaking performers in the first place. Spotify created the feature with a company called Musixmatch.

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The good news is that the song text function on Android devicesthe iPhone, and find Spotify in the app produced and used versions of desktop computers.

It’s easy to use: launch a song, open the playback page, and then swipe it up. The feature will show you the lyrics and indicate where the singer is right in sync with playing the song.

If someone doesn’t find the novelty, don’t be intimidated: it takes time for it to appear to all users, which is why it is sometimes worth checking to see if the latest version of the app is running on your device.

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