Introducing a new notification feature on Instagram

In the future, Instagram will notify the user with an in-app notification if there is a problem with the system.

A week has passed since the big Facebook shutdown: the company’s services were unavailable for almost six hours due to a poor configuration. In addition to the social site, the shutdown also affected Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram – we’ve written more about the reasons here.

The drop-out, which is not ordinary, has prompted Instagram to develop a new feature that will come in handy in the future if there is a problem with the service again. According to them, the system will warn the user if there is a malfunction.

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The company emphasizes that they will not report every bug to users, but the app will send an in-app notification if there is a wide-ranging problem. The new feature will be available for testing by U.S. users in the coming months, and if it does, it will likely make Instagram available in other parts of the world.

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The company is also introducing another notification in the app. This will let users know-how. For example, deleting an entry will affect their account.

Instagram says this information will tell them simple violations and if the system has deleted that account.

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