Facebook announces what caused the failure

The company apologized to its users and also indicated that there is no evidence that their data was compromised during the shutdown.

After a shutdown of almost six hours, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp became available again before midnight Hungarian time. Shortly after the systems slowly started working again, a notice was issued at Facebook in which the cause of the error was also reported. It was written to drop out, which caused a problem in communication between their data centers. They also added that the error affected their internal devices and systems, making it even more challenging to resolve the issue.

faulty configurations

They also highlighted no evidence that user data was compromised during the outage. Facebook apologized to its users and thanked them for being forgiving.

Downdetector, which registered such outages, said it had never received as many alerts from users as it did this time. A total of 10.6 million people were notified of a problem affecting Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Several tech companies took the lead in shutting down the three services. For example, Twitter posted a post welcoming all those who started communicating through it instead of the other two social sites and the chat app:

Hello to everyone!

The big crash of Facebook came just a day after a former employee who had previously leaked documents about its operation gave an interview about its process to CBS American television. Frances Haugen put it this way: “growth instead of security” at the forefront. Haugen will be heard Tuesday by a U.S. Senate subcommittee on online child protection. The topic of the hearing will be researched from which Facebook was very well aware of the detrimental effects Instagram has on the mental health of young people and yet did not act on it.

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