This Thursday, the Supreme Court will rule on whether Trump’s Facebook ban should be lifted.

The former president had been banned from Instagram and Facebook months earlier. After examining the details of the case, a completely separate body from Facebook will do it in a few hours.

An independent decision will be made on Wednesday to ban former U.S. President Donald Trump on Facebook and Instagram, CNN wrote. The investigation into the subject was initiated by the Oversight Board, called Facebook’s Supreme Court, a body completely independent of the community site.

Their task is to review the comments received due to each post and review whether the restrictions and prohibitions affecting the profiles were essential. One of the same is happening now in Trump’s case.

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The former U.S. president’s Facebook and Instagram access was suspended in January by the service provider a day after the attack on the Washington Capitol. The allegations, shared by Trump, also only incited the protesters.

Mark Zuckerberg’s company then asked the Facebook court to resolve whether to continue Trump’s ban. A ruling on this case will therefore be made on Wednesday, which may even be completely contrary to the position of the community. That is:

The board may even decide to release Trump back to Facebook and Instagram.

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