South Korea to clean up iPhone App Store by law

There’s been a long battle between Apple and Epic Games. The stakes are high because it doesn’t matter to any big parties who stay with the money spent on the popular Fortnite app. It looks like Apple’s going to have to call a retreat.

We recently announced a court ruling that will take effect in December in epic games – apple. The background to this case is that Epic Games, which has always been critical of Apple’s (and Google’s) 30-70 percent revenue-reduction practices, quietly added a payment system to Fortnite by code change that bypassed the methods of Apple and Google. Unsurprisingly, Fortnite has been pulled from the official app store on both platforms, triggering lawsuits and an investigation into the practices of app stores in general.

The further consequences of that court ruling (which would allow the use of other payment systems within the App Store and penalties for violating Apple’s previous rules) are not yet known. Still, for example, there is Already South Korea, where Epic Games (or more precisely its most popular game, Fortnite) can be returned to Apple’s app store.

In South Korea, a new bill was passed this month, and if the law is signed, Apple, Google, and other app store owners will also be forced to approve a third-party payment system or pay a fine.

Epic Games welcomed this and announced on Fortnite’s Twitter account that it had requested that Apple restore its developer account before the law came into effect. You want to make Fortnite available again in the South Korean App Store, where you can do what you’ve always wanted. It will use its own payment system and take all profits from in-app purchases, at least for users who don’t want to use Apple’s built-in system, as it’s free to choose between the two payment solutions. Pro-Apple lobbyists in the United States are now using all tactics to persuade South Korea not to take this path.

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