The Supreme Court ruled that Donald Trump will not return to Facebook

The most important decision to date was made on Wednesday by Facebook’s independent review committee. Based on this, the former US president cannot return to the social platforms of the Facebook Empire.

In January, Facebook banned Donald Trump from Facebook, citing a rampage surrounding seven fatal events at the Washington Capitol. Members of the audit committee, set up by the company but operated independently, examined whether the time had come to release the American business politician. The decision was made public at 3 pm time: the organization decided Trump could not return to the community for the time being.

Nonetheless, the organization said it was not a good move to expel the former U.S. president indefinitely from Facebook, so he is being asked by the community to review this decision within the next six months. As a result, the organization expects a proportionate, compliant decision to be applied to other platform users.

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Facebook, by the way, asked the review committee to investigate shortly after its user account was suspended in January. One day before the current decision, by the way, he launched his own community page.

Incidentally, Facebook’s independent audit committee confirmed in its current decision that Donald Trump’s entries on Jan. 6 contributed to the violent siege of the Capitol, and his words legitimized it.

Facebook wasn’t the only one to take action against Donald Trump in January. Twitter has banned the former president from his platform forever, but Twitch and YouTube have also excluded him from his account.

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